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Alan Merriam

Born: 1960 AD
Currently alive, at 59 years of age.

Alan Merriam began his career as a performing jazz musician in Ottawa at the age of 15. He studied jazz at the Humber College School of Music and traditional piano under some of Canada’s most celebrated piano coaches. He performed on several TV and radio programs and also performed across Canada with his trio. In 1988, Mr. Merriam founded Merriam Music and instituted the Merriam School of Music. By combining methodical investment practices with a basic financial conservatism, along with his passion for music and the arts, Merriam Music has grown to become the most successful, progressive and innovative school of music in the country.


With an educational background from both Carleton University, jazz studies a the Humber College School of Music, and internationally renowned piano coaches, coupled with over 14 years of professional piano performing experience, Alan Merriam has firmly established himself in the Canadian music industry.


Merriam’s professional musical career spans over a decade of engagements across Canada including performances with his own jazz trio, recording artists Frank Koller, Steven Groves and Ian Tamblyn, and on various CBC television and radio programs.


Alan Merriam, a major supporter of aspiring musicians and arts organizations in Ontario is currently the president of the Merriam School of Music located in Oakville, MSM has become internationally recognized for its state-of-the-art facilities, diverse music programs, examination system and the innovative series of Keyfest Curriculum publications.


Merriam Music Education Programs


Merriam has over 3,000 students enrolled, ranging from 2 years to adult, with a capacity of 3,500. Merriam Music School emphasizes all areas of musical literacy. Today, students ranging in age from 3 years to adult, study a wide variety of disciplines including: Piano, Organ, Guitar, Sax, Flute, Trombone, Trumpet, Clarinet, Theory, MIDI technology, Drums, Violin, Oboe, and Voice. Also available are instruction in Pre-school, Musical Theatre, Band group classes and various ensembles. In addition, in-home lessons are also available for added convenience. The school uses the Keyfest teaching method developed by Tony Mergel, founder and director of the Humber College. Designed exclusively for Merriam Music, the  Keyfest teaching method uses the keyboard to teach the fundamentals through progressive, repetitive exercises. In this program students will learn to play by ear, understand music structure and vocabulary, rhythm, reading notation, physical mastery, repertoire, and creation of music to learn, manage and make music.


"Our dream was to build the finest music school in Canada," says Mr. Merriam. "We’ve done that by offering the same high level of quality and service in music education as we have in the retail business." Merriam recognized that people who have made a significant investment in a quality instrument deserve the same high quality in after-sale service and musical instruction.


The Merriam Music for Life Program  fosters a love and appreciation of music that students will embrace for life, both as a player and appreciator of music. The school offers a wide spectrum of skill levels and musical styles tailored to suit each student’s needs.


The Enriched Studies Program provides an opportunity for young students to enhance their musical talent and give them the skills to enter a university music program or pursue a music career by studying under the direction of some of Canada’s finest music coaches. This program also gives the students the opportunity to participate in public performances and competitions.


Summer Enrichment Programs offer camps and workshops for students from as young as 4 years of age, where they can enjoy learning about music in fun and creative ways.


Music Festivals


Each year the school hosts a Music Festival, one of the largest of its kind in Canada. It offers both a competitive and non-competitive division that helps the students set goals and enjoy their accomplishments while performing in front of an audience and listening to their peers perform. The competitive division allows students to become eligible to receive scholarships and awards.


Merriam Music Headquarters

Merriam School Of Music 2359 Bristol Circle Oakville, ON L6H 6P8 (905) 829-2020 Canada


Merriam School Of Music 75-3175 Rutherford Rd Vaughan, ON L4K 5Y6 (905) 829-4489 Canada


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