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Adams, James Randolph

Born: 1898 AD
Died: 1956 AD

1898 – Born in a small farm in southern Indiana.

1925 – He took his first agency job with Critchfield and Company in Chicago, where he wrote Ford, Lincoln and Firestone advertising copy.

1934 – Left Campbell-Ewald with W.A.P. John to form their own agency with Theodore F. McManus.

1937 – Wrote his best-selling book, "More Power to Advertising".

1946-1956 – Held the positions of president and chairman of the board. He was regarded as one of the creative giants in the field of automotive advertising and as the father of Cadillac advertising, writing and supervising Cadillac advertising for 30 years during the car’s period of greatest growth in reputation and production.

1958 – He wrote another best-selling book, "Sparks Off My Anvil" which is still regarded as definitive studies on advertising psychology.