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Acevedo, Jorge Francisco Isidoro Luis Borges

Born: 1899 AD
Died: 1986 AD

1899 – Born on August 24th in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Argentine poet, essayist, and short-story writer, whose tales of fantasy and dreamworlds are classics of the 20th-century world literature.

1921 – His first poem, ‘Hymn to the Sea,’ written in the style of Walt Whitman, was published in the magazine Grecia.

1924 – He contributed to the avant-garde review Martin Fierro, and co-founded the journal Proa.

1936 – He also served as literary adviser for the publishing house Emecé Editores, worked as a literary editor of the Saturday Color Magazine of the tabloid newspaper Crítica, and wrote weekly columns for El Hogar.

1937 – Borges worked as a cataloguer at the Miguel Cane branch of the Buenos Aires Municipal Library.

1941 – His first collection, EL JARDÍN DE SENDEROS QUE SE BIFURCAN was nominated for the National Literary Prize, but a lesser book was awarded, in spite of a special issue by Sur, in which a number of his friends and acquaintances expressed their support.

         – The never-ending process of cataloguing inspired one of Borges’s most famous short stories, ‘The Library of Babel’, in which the faithful catalog of the Library is supplemented with "thousands and thousands of false catalogs, the proof of the falsity of those false catalogs, a proof of the falsity of the true catalog".

1946 – Borges took over the editorship of Los Annales de Buenos Aires, an academic magazine.

1949 – He wrote "El Alpeh", "La Muerta y la Brujula" (also "Death and the Compass"), "El Hacedor" and "Labyrinths".

1956 – He was a professor of Literature in the University of Buenos Aires.

1967 – Married to Elsa Astete de Millán, whom he had met decades ago when she was just seventeen.

1976 – Won a Special Award from the Edgar Allan Poe Award.

1979 – Received the Lifetime Achievement World Fantasy Award and Cervantez Prize.

1980 – Won the Balzan Prize.

1983 – Received the French Legion of Honor.

1986 – Married on April 22nd to María Kodama, his assistant.

         – Died from cancer of the liver on June 14th in Geneva, Switzerland.