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Abbot, George

Born: 1562 AD
Died: 1633 AD

1562 – Born on the 19th of October at Guildford in Surrey.

1597 – He studied, and then taught, at Balliol College, Oxford, was chosen Master of University College.

1600 – He was appointed as Dean of Winchester.

       – He was three times Vice-Chancellor of the university, and took a leading part in preparing the

             authorized version of the New Testament.

1608 – He went to Scotland with George Home, 1st Earl of Dunbar to arrange for a union between the

                churches of England and Scotland.

1609 – He was made Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry by pleasing King James of Scotland.

1611 – His puritan instincts frequently led him not only into harsh treatment of Roman catholic,

              but also into courageous resistance to the royal will.

1612 – He served as the fourth Chancellor of Trinity College, Dublin.

1618 – He forbade the reading of the declaration permitting Sunday sports.

1622 – He was so greatly distressed by the event that he fell into a state of settled melancholia.

        – His enemies maintained that the fatal issue of this accident disqualified him for his office.

1633 – He died at Croydon on the 5th of August and was buried at Guildford, his native place.