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Shea Buckner

Born: 1985 AD
Currently alive, at 33 years of age.
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Shea Buckner was born in Asheville, NC on February 27, 1985 to a beautiful woman named Keila. He grew up there with two younger but much bigger brothers named Aaron and Landon, doing things that normal kids did in the 90s like riding his bike, getting lost in the woods until help arrived, playing baseball, and chasing down the nearest ice cream truck. In 2003 he graduated from AC Reynolds high school and left to join the United States Marine Corps at age 18.


While in the Marine Corps, he worked as an aviation electronics technician, repairing EA-6B Prowlers and the F/A-18 Hornet down to the component level. He was primarily being stationed on the coast of North Carolina and Pensacola, Florida until finally getting the opportunity he always wanted and that was to get paid to travel to Japan and live there for a short time, roughly 1.5 years. During this time he was also given responsibilities for ensuring that the training of other Marines in his shop was conducted properly and kept track of a fleet of vehicles for squadron use. For going above and beyond his line of duty, Shea was awarded the meritorious unit commendation. He also had a side job taking Marines around Japan as a guide, going hiking a top Mt Fuji, go-cart racing through the hills of Japan, visiting the remains of Hiroshima and the thriving city of Hiroshima that has since replaced what was once destroyed, snowboarding down black diamond mountains, and getting lost through the busy streets of Tokyo just to name a few things.


While being stationed in Iwakuni, Japan Shea also started a band with a few friends called The Ludovico Theory and started performing at local establishments around the country and making friends with the Yakuza, until sadly having to return back to the United States in 2008. When he returned back to the states he started going to a community college in Charlotte, NC called CPCC for web development while also working odd jobs, primarily as a parts manager for an Italian machine company building woodworking machines for commercial businesses, called Superfici America. After a couple of learning experiences from a failed web design company and some health problems with his mother, he moved back to Asheville to help her recover. He started going to UNCA and AB Tech and eventually graduated from AB Tech with an associates degree in Web Technologies.


Shea hopes to return to UNCA to finish his engineering degree in mechatronics, but for now he is happy developing his skills as an web & mobile app developer. During his free time, you can usually find him trying to stay fit, running his eBay store, working on his latest project, relaxing with his family, that consists of his two dogs, Twixx and Candy, and his fiance Kendra, or just trying to make the world a better place by helping others.

4.6 (92.73%) 11 votes