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JP Maywald

Born: 1989 AD
Currently alive, at 29 years of age.
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JP Maywald is a front-end web designer, graphic designer, and amateur photographer. He was born in Nashville, TN in 1989. Around age 6, he discovered a passion for creating art. Sketching and drawing interested him initially, but he began taking photos around age 10 and painting around age 13 with oils, acrylics, and watercolor. JP started taking adult oil painting classes in high school and was featured in showcases alongside skilled, experienced painters. In addition, music has always been a great interest of his. Having played the drums since third grade, JP began writing and producing music electronically in high school. After graduating in 2008, he spent several years focusing on music production and live performance. He produced one LP, one EP, was featured in several compilation albums, and played over 35 live shows in 15 states around the country.


Eventually, having had his creative capacities spread thin among many different media for so long, JP refocused his creative energy on visual art and attended the University of NC Asheville for graphic design/interactive media. There, he earned a B.A. in New Media and upon graduation, began specializing in front-end Asheville web development at Greenstone Media.


JP’s passion for and talent in web and graphic design revolves around his keen eye for beauty and clean aesthetics. As a web designer, he is mostly preoccupied with organizing elements on the page/screen into a logical hierarchy because he loves simple, purposeful design that makes sense. He tends to restrict the visual scope of his design to a minimal aesthetic and mainly focuses on arranging the elements in a robust, coherent, consistent, and pleasing manner based on preliminary conceptual research— both for the love of the process and for the concision of the results. He is a dreamer and a creative thinker and frequently steps past the bounds of comfort to explore new styles and methods. The blank screen and the white page provide a clear space in which he can keenly focus.


Aside from design, JP loves Italian food, Mexican food, Indian food, Japanese food, Thai food, Vietnamese food, Korean food, Chinese food, seafood, charcuterie, photography, petting/patting dogs, swimming in natural water, cooking, the Pacific Northwest, that warm chill one gets when they step out into the sun, experimental wordplay, butter, honey-soy glazes, short stories, Michel Gondry movies, the first distinct phase of autumn during which the leaves change color, the second distinct phase of autumn during which the fallen leaves are crunchy and sweet-smelling, and swimming in shockingly cold water on rainy days and afterwards taking a hot shower and putting on dry clothes and eating chicken pot pie by a fireplace.

3.5 (70%) 2 votes