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Jared Tyson

Born: 1985 AD
Currently alive, at 33 years of age.
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Jared Tyson is a highly dedicated graphic, web designer and front-end developer with over ten years of experience in the field. With a passion for user interface design, he handcrafts every user experience from start to finish.


Jared started developing websites early in life, at age 12. This was back in ’97 when the internet just began going mainstream. He would browse sites online and fell in love with user interface design. He immediately taught myself HTML and began designing and publishing websites.


In 2005, he attended Spencerian College in Lexington, KY. He learned all about graphic design, web development, illustration, 3D modeling, animation and video editing. He graduated in 2007 with an Associate’s degree in applied science, graphic design.


In 2008, he began working for a web development company, eVision Services. There he executed UI/UX designs for various websites and programs, created motion graphic videos and interactive demos using Flash. He created 3D models and animations using 3DS Max and 2020 Design and served on the external communications team to create new client presentations and promotional material.


In 2011, He was hired by a marketing firm in Cincinnati, Ohio. There he designed comprehensive layouts for various web and print projects, developed websites using HTML/CSS, PHP, Javascript, and WordPress. He designed print and marketing collateral including die cut and trifold brochures while discovering solutions to technical problems.


He treats every project as if it is a piece of art to construct a unique user experience from start to finish.


He moved to Asheville, North Carolina in 2012 while freelancing for various small business and entrepreneurs. Some of my responsibilities included evaluating client needs, negotiating fees, developing ideas, presenting technical solutions and ensuring projects were completed on time. He performed search engine optimization using the latest practices and Google algorithms, producing an increase in organic traffic and ROI for multiple clients. He created logos and developed the brand identity for several of my clients. He also designed printed material including brochures, flyers, book covers, packaging labels, etc.


From 2014-2015 he worked for Clark Communications in Asheville, creating microsites, landing pages, and marketing material for colleges and universities. He also worked part-time at Turning Point services, working with autistic and mentally challenged patients.


In 2015, he joined the Greenstone Media team as a graphic designer and front-end developer. Since then he’s had the privilege of working on a wide variety of projects including mobile applications, website designs, logo and brand identity, and digital marketing in Asheville for a number of diverse and reputable clients. He looks forward to continuing the journey as technology and the web continues to expand and evolve.

2 (40%) 2 votes