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Hope Occhipinti

Born: 1983 AD
Currently alive, at 35 years of age.
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Hope Occhipinti is a pastry chef turned graphic designer turned digital marketing specialist who finds data visualizing thrilling and enjoys the challenge and inherently competitive nature of ‘moving the needle’ in the world of digital marketing.


She was born June 13, 1983 in rural upstate New York. She grew up on a small family farm and graduated from high school in 2001. Her last year of high school doubled as her first year of college in Providence, RI and in 2002 she graduated from Johnson & Wales University with an Associates degree in Pastry Arts.


Following graduation she moved to Arkansas and was a Pastry Chef and cake decorator for Community Bakery in Little Rock for two years. After learning the sport of whitewater kayaking in the Ozarks of Arkansas, Hope moved to the whitewater capital of the southeast in 2004; Asheville, NC.


In Asheville she continued with her culinary career as a Pastry Chef at the historic Grove Park Inn, where she managed the dessert production for several cafes and restaurants within the resort for six years. During that time she also worked as a part-time raft guide for Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC) in the summers and decided to return to college. During her first semester at UNC Asheville in 2006 she took a course called “Decoding Visual Culture” and was intrigued by the subconscious way in which people interacted with and viewed the world around them. From digital interfaces to physical products to the relationship consumers have with their favorite brands, designers were at the center of all of it. After that course Hope decided to major in multimedia arts with a focus in interactive design.


After graduation from UNCA in 2010 with a Bachelors in Multimedia Arts & Science Hope decided to take the summer ‘off’ to live as a full time raft guide in Hot Springs NC. That summer, while sitting on the side of the river, Hope had a conversation with NOC’s CFO which eventually landed her a job working in NOC’s marketing department as a graphic designer. She continued to work for NOC for the next 6 years moving into a digital marketing role on top of maintaining their visual brand. Working for a small in-house marketing department provided Hope the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills from graphic design to web development and brand management.


In 2015 Hope married fellow raft guide turned electrician Raymond Occhipinti, with whom she has 2 children with. She also picked up a new sport in roller derby. She is currently President and an all-star skater for the 2016 International Division 2 Champions Blue Ridge Rollergirls.


In the beginning of 2017 Hope decided it was time for a work life change and decided to pursue a new challenge. She is currently working for Greenstone Media as an Asheville SEO and digital marketing specialist. At Greenstone she works with clients to develop, implement and execute digital marketing initiatives with a holistic approach to their brand, vision and goals.


4.6 (91.72%) 29 votes